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    Facility Locations

    Amongst our branch we have 6 distinct facilities around the United States, with each location differing in specific manufacturing capabilities. Our main six II-VI A&D facility locations and information are listed below. If you are interested in joining our company at one of these locations, check our openings on our careers page.

    Murrieta Facility

    • Dedicated Sapphire Fabrication Facility
    • EMI Shielding - Grid Mfg. (Expansion)
    • Thin Film Coating (28 chambers)
    • Conventional Fabrication (Polish, DT)
    • Material Growth (Sapphire, Ge)

    36570 Briggs Road, Murrieta, CA 92563
    Tel: (951) 926-2994
    Fax: (951) 926-1984

    Tustin Facility

    • High Precision Space Based Optical Assemblies
    • Advanced Engineering supporting Space and Airborne Designs
    • Reflective Telescopes and BEX

    14192 Chambers Road, Tustin, CA 92780 
    Tel: (714) 247-7100
    Fax: (714) 247-7101 

    Florida Facility

    • Materia Growth (YAG, YLF, UV, etc.)
    • Conventional Fabrication

    6716 Industrial Avenue, Port Richey, FL 34668
    Tel: (727) 834-3000
    Fax: (727) 375-5300 

    Philadelphia Facility

    • Precision Optical Reticles
    • High Temp Patterned Ceramics
    • EMI Shielding Grid Design
    • Coatings on Complex Shapes
    • Flexible Meta Material Films
    • Fiber Laser Pumps
    • Laser Diode Stacks
    • Amplifiers

    2710 Commerce Way, Philadelphia, PA 19154
    Tel: (215) 842-3675

    Dayton Facility

    • Fiber Array Systems
    • Adaptive Optics and Beam Control
    • Atmospheric Modeling

    1300 Research Park Drive, Beavercreek, OH 45432
    Tel: (888) 666-5908 

    Longmont Facility

    • BDA Design IAT
    • Opto-Mechanical Subsystems
    • Engineering
    • LRIP Production
    • Test Facilities

    2410 Trade Center Ave, Longmont, CO 80503
    Tel: (720) 372-4150