II-VI Aerospace & Defense provides many laser solutions for future-ready innovations and development for the latest UAV and HEL advancements as well as for acquisition, targeting, designation and data transfer. We have a deep portfolio of laser materials, sources, components, assemblies, subassemblies and subsystems to address the wide range of active optical solutions needed by our customers. From relatively low power illuminating, targeting & designation, to HEL pumps, sources, amplifiers and Spectral Beam Combined and Coherent Beam Combined subsystems including gimballed beam directors, telescopes and HEL windows.

Beam Director
Beam Director_LR
Laser Materials
Laser Diode

Laser Communication

II-VI A&D can provide build to print or custom designed and engineered laser communication assemblies from the basic transceiver out to telescope and gimbal, we have experience with ground, airborne and space-based assemblies.

Laser Sources

II-VI A&D can deliver bare die semiconductor laser chips optimized for both fiber lasers, as well as laser rods, slabs and waveguide media. II-VI builds and delivers fiber pump modules and complete amplifiers. We can build to print or design and develop to meet your needs. We work with your product development team to address packaging, design for assembly and design for manufacturing concerns.

High Energy Lasers

Coherent Beam Combining

II-VI A&D is leading the way with advanced Coherent Beam Combined (CBC) Fiber Laser subsystems. Our unique fiber tip manipulation and optical heterodyne sensing delivers Gigahertz sensing and MHz rate compensation of atmospheric turbulence effects thus maximizing Power In the Bucket and ensure coherent combining on target all at a rate 1000 times faster than other approaches.

Spectral Beam Combining

II-VI A&D’s advanced grating solution provide advanced performance for Spectral Beam Combined (SBC) HEL weapons. Our unique substrate materials combined with our ultra-low absorption HEL Coatings and in-house lithography deliver unique gratings with Mega Watt performance and reduced thermal transient loading response.

Low Power

II-VI has grown and produced all varieties of laser gain media as well as pump diode solutions custom optimized for pump efficiency and crystal doping levels. II-VI A&D has the ability to provide build-to-print lasers as well as design and engineer to your requirements.