Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

Advanced optical systems deployed across mission critical applications within our defense network

High Energy Lasers

Providing a deep portfolio of laser assemblies and materials used in applications such as targeting and telescopes.


Extensive offering of materials, components, sub-assemblies, and subsystem solutions for hypersonic systems


Producing optical components and assemblies for a wide variety of NASA platforms and missions

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Here at II-VI A&D, we specialize in the development of highly engineered materials and material systems to meet demanding performance requirements across a number of markets. As a vertically integrated provider, II-VI Aerospace & Defense is uniquely positioned to meet the critical and complex design, engineering, and production requirements of customers in the  defense and aerospace industries.

From concept design development though production, we closely collaborate with our customers to integrate the design and manufacture of optical systems and components that consistently exceed expectations on the most demanding projects.  The photonic applications may be diverse, but all II-VI Optical Systems' products share a common focus on rapid development, excellent value, and high performance. II-VI Aerospace & Defense is ISO 9001/AS9100 Registered.


An impressive array of sophisticated optical systems deployed across a wide range of critical applications including ground-bases airborne and space-based systems

ISR: Edwards Air Force Base
Lasers: Optonicus Laser Array


High Energy laser CBC and SBC subsystems, Beam Directors, fiber laser pumps, Bar stacks, and amplifiers


Hypersonic RF and IR seekers, radomes, windows, antennas and hypersonic materials and assemblies

Space: II-VI A&D components on space satellite


Precision optical systems for NASA missions to Mars or probing into the deepest reaches of the universe. For example, The Mars HiRise, The Deep Impact and The Lunar Recon Orbiter Optics.