Material Growth

IIVI Aerospace & Defense is the industry leader in production of infrared optical crystals and other specialty materials. II-VI Aerospace & Defense is one of the foremost manufacturers of germanium products for military infrared applications.

Materials are the Core Building Blocks of our Corporation:

  • Ceramic Yag; Ceramics Center of Excellence
  • YAG; YLF
  • KNbO3:Fe
  • SiC and AlSiC Casting Facility
  • Single Crystal SiC
  • Diamond Growth Facility
  • Thermo Electrics
  • MS ZnS, ZnS and ZnSe Growth Facilities
  • Sapphire Growth Facility
  • Germanium Growth
  • UV and Chalcogenide Glass
  • Ceramic Radomes
  • LO Films

Strategic Materials Foundry

The II-VI Aerospace & Defense Strategic Materials Foundry produces a wide variety of materials with unparalleled quality that are utilized in a broad range of applications. With an experienced staff of material, scientists, physicists, process engineers and operations personnel, the Foundry is able to deliver dependable products in volume as well as develop new materials to support emerging applications. II-VI Aerospace & Defense assures that each crystal will perform to customer specifications and maintains traceability on all materials produces from the raw powders to the finished laser components.

Growth Capabilities

Various growth techniques such as Czochralski (CZ), Bridgeman, Solution and Top Seeded are utilized to grow a wide array of materials. II-VI Aerospace & Defense has over 70 growth stations and a focused Foundry team that enable II-VI Aerospace & Defense to grow the finest crystals in the world.

Germanium Material Grown by II-VI A&D Features:

  • Tightly controlled resistivity overall values ranging from 3-40 ohms-cm.
  • Custom grown and near-net shapes for domes and irregular windows to minimize material fabrication costs.

Our engineers are experienced with a wide range of optical materials for infrared and visible applications. We can provide assistance in the selection of the material best suited to meet your requirements.

Advanced Ceramics

II-VI Aerospace & Defense provides advances solutions for military programs, automotive applications and space-based systems.


II-VI Aerospace & Defense has a 24,000 square foot facility dedicated specifically to large sapphire window fabrication. Our world-class material experts and growth operation produce both sapphire boules and sapphire panels that provide extraordinary mechanical strength, high optical transmission, and low Transmitted Wavefront Distortion (TWF). These attributes make sapphire a preferred material choice for many domes, windows and window assemblies for military and aerospace applications