II-VI Aerospace & Defense's extensive heritage in developing and delivering space products has enabled us to design and deliver optical components and assemblies for a wide variety of NASA platforms and missions, including: the Mars Descent Camera, Mars Rover Optics, Mars High Resolution Optics, the Deep Impact Program, the Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX), the COMS weather and communications satellite, and space-based laser communications systems.

We recently delivered the WFOV and NFOV optical systems for the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, launched in June 2009. In addition, we developed the large high-precision lens assembly for the Geosynchronous Lightning Mapper (GLM), delivered in 2010.

At II-VI Aerospace & Defense, we can identify and establish your critical optical system requirements, then deploy our rigorous analytical, assembly, and measurement capabilities to ensure the highest quality, best-fit solution possible.

Laser Communication

II-VI A&D has designed, engineered, and built laser comm assemblies from the basic transceiver out to telescope and gimbal. Our space based laser communication subsystems have been deployed in both LEO small sat form as well as traditional GEO form.


II-VI Aerospace & Defense has a 20+ year history in space based imaging. Our telescopes are still orbiting the moon, and can be found on display in the Smithsonian. Others, like the Global Lightening Mapper, on board the GOES satellites are working to help detect tornados before they form. Contact us today for advanced, compact, novel imaging solutions for your space application.


II-VI Aerospace & Defense has the building blocks to enable your future space based communications network. With domestic US based GaAs and InP production lines we are able to provide a solution at frequencies up to and beyond 100 GHz.

High Energy Lasers

II-VI A&D is uniquely positioned to support your needs for developing, manufacturing, and deploying High Energy lasers for space applications. Contact us today for more information.