Missiles & Ordnance

II-VI Aerospace and Defense has an extensive offering of materials, components, subassemblies, subsystems and IR/RF solutions for missiles & ordnance.  We provide high temperature materials,  Radome solutions, transparent ceramics, multi-spectral windows, domes, antennas, patterned films, single, dual, and tri mode seeker optics and assemblies.

Gun Launched

II-VI A&D can provide advanced infra-red seekers and domes that can survive G-force accelerations typical of SCAT gun environments. We are ready to work with your engineering team to address material and performance considerations.

Missiles & Ordnance

II-VI A&D produces a wide range of high temperature, high performance, advanced engineered materials including Diamond, Single Crystal SiC, Metal Matrix SiC and a range of high temperature sprayable glasses. II-VI A&D can deliver Radomes, light-weighted mirrors, high performance windows, and other high durability optical components.


Precision-guided munition

II-VI A&D provides a variety of dual & tri-band hypersonic seekers and guidance solutions. II-VI A&D has developed a proprietary, advanced high temperature patterning method (conductive and/or resistive coatings) for producing Radomes and antennas.