II-VI Aerospace and Defense has an extensive offering of materials, components, subassemblies, and subsystem solutions for Missiles and Ordnance.  We provide Hypersonic grade materials, full Hypersonic Radome solutions, transparent ceramics, multi-spectral windows, domes, antennas, patterned films, single, dual, and tri mode seeker optics and assemblies.

Rocket Launched

II-VI A&D can provide advanced infra-red seekers and domes that can survive G-force accelerations typical of SCAT gun environments. We are ready to work with your engineering team to address material and performance considerations.


II-VI A&D produces a wide range of high temperature, high performance, advanced engineered materials including Diamond, Single Crystal SiC, Metal Matrix SiC and a range of high temperature sprayable glasses. II-VI A&D can deliver Radomes, light-weighted mirrors, high performance windows, and other high durability optical components.


Guided Missiles

II-VI A&D provides a variety of dual & tri-band missile seekers and guidance solutions. II-VI A&D has developed a proprietary, advanced high temperature patterning method for producing Radomes and antennas.


We produce domes and Radomes for smart ordnance as well as seekers and antennas. Contact us for further information on how we can help meet your needs.