High-precision focal spot intensity profiling and centroid sensing, adaptive free-space coupling of a received optical wave to a fiber and much more all in a single compact module. INFOCO RX presents many features and benefits including:

  • High-quality, efficient and fast free-space coupling into a fiber
  • Automatic fast locking of the received beam’s focal spot to the fiber in the presence of atmospheric turbulence, acoustic noise, vibration, and thermal induced deformation
  • 2-D imaging of the received beam’s focal spot with a single photo-detector
  • User specified system parameters including fiber type, wavelength, and connector options
  • Controlled with the INFOCO CU

The INFOCO RX is an intelligent fiber-optic coupler with integrated piezo-actuators providing high-precision and high-speed fiber-tip position control.

Integrating the compact INFOCO RX module with the INFOCO CU control unit offers unique capabilities for adaptive free-space coupling of input light into a fiber:

  • A free-space fiber coupler that automatically provides optimal fiber coupling efficiency
  • An adaptive free-space optical communication receiver that is resilient to jitter and random deviations of the receiving light arrival angles
  • A sensor that can perform fast evaluation (imaging) of a focal spot 2-D intensity profile with a single photo-detector
  • An intelligent pinhole (power-in-the-bucket sensor) that can provide high-speed and high-precision measurements of a focal spot centroid and light power coupled into a fiber
  • A sensor that can measure deviations in input optical wave angle of arrival and focal spot degradation caused by input wave phase aberrations - a key component of any adaptive optics system


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