Wavefront & Beam Control Techniques

Optical applications such as astronomy, remote sensing, and laser communications are adversely affected by atmospheric effects such as turbulence. A fairly common approach to compensating for these atmospheric effects is to use a standard statistical model, such as the Kolmogorov model, to calculate the parameters needed to build compensating systems based on wavefront sensors and […]

Mathematical Simulation Techniques

High-speed wave-optics simulations based on GPU/CUDA technology Predictive numerical analysis of atmospheric optical systems  is commonly performed using the Monte-Carlo technique. The Monte-Carlo approach requires numerical integration of the wave propagation equations in an optically inhomogeneous medium such as the atmosphere to be repeated hundreds of times and results in extremely time-consuming computations. To address […]

Fiber Array Technology

Intelligent Fiber-Array Laser Beam Transmitters In response to increasing demand for laser transmitter systems (laser beam-forming telescopes or beam directors) for various applications, II-VI’s team developed the Intelligent Fiber Array (INFA) product line – first commercially available fiber-array-based adaptive laser beam transmitter systems. The INFA laser beam transmitter is composed of an array of densely-packed […]

Manufacturing, Assembly & Testing

From manufacturing, to assembly and testing, II-VI Aerospace & Defense collaborates with your product development team from initial concept through prototype development all the way to full-scale production to deliver comprehensive turnkey solutions

Intelligent Fiber-Optics Couplers

High-precision focal spot intensity profiling and centroid sensing, adaptive free-space coupling of a received optical wave to a fiber and much more all in a single compact module. INFOCO RX presents many features and benefits including:High-quality, efficient and fast free-space coupling into a fiberAutomatic fast locking of the received beam’s focal spot to the fiber […]

Wavefront Aberration Correction

The Wavefront Aberration Correction (WACO) product series is designed to address the growing demand for affordable, intelligent instrumentation for optical wavefront phase aberration corrections in a wide range of applications and under various operational conditions.In different configurations, WACO products can be used for:Final sweep-up of optical aberrations that are accumulated along asystems’ optical train composed […]

Adaptive Free Space Optical Communication Systems

To address the existing technology shortfalls and support very high bandwidth communications in a wide variety of weather conditions, Optonicus offers innovative, modular, eye-safe optical and hybrid (Optical/RF) communication systems based on arrays of synchronously-operated small-size adaptive laser communication nodes. These systems have many applications including:Satellite Optical CommunicationsBorder Control Image TransferAirborne IntelligenceSurveillanceReconnaissanceHigh-Speed Data TransferModular fiber-array […]